Can I have an Island Kitchen in my Indian Home?

Can I have an Island Kitchen in my Indian Home?
Disclaimer: The following content about the island kitchen design is meant only for middle and upper middle-class folks that are buying apartments in the city. Of course, there will be exceptions, so take it with a pinch of salt. 
Kitchens smaller than 100 sqft
No. You may not have an island counter in your kitchen. Any space less than 100 sqft would affect the work triangle. Also, there will not be so much of walking space for you to freely move in your kitchen.
Big NO for apartment kitchens
Apartments (except the luxury ones) in the cities have a kitchen size of less than 100 sqft. Example: 2500 sqft of flats worth more than 2C in Hiranandani Chennai have the kitchen of size less than 100 sqft. Even if the kitchen is big to have an island counter there are a few restrictions - 
  1. The provision for the gas line, chimney and Sink cannot be easily changed from the original kitchen design. This means if you are adding an island counter, the hob or sink cannot be moved to the new island counter.
  2. A lot of indians go with Vastu. In a kitchen built without an island counter, it is difficult to add a new counter complying to all the Vastu standards

You should be lucky enough for the things to fall in place, but yeah, we know that there is Murphy.

If you want to have an island kitchen in the apartment, the modular kitchen design should be discussed with the builder during the initial stages. This would enable the builder to accommodate your requirements and come up with the required design.
Zenterior has designed and implemented a lot of kitchens where the homeowners are dead set on island kitchens initially. After we design the space and explain the restrictions, they'd change the requirement. One of the things that would balance the island requirement and the utility is to have a breakfast counter. A lot of customers have gone for this idea as it is half way close to the island counter (without the hob and the sink)
"Very professional team and very happy with the execution. Zero deviation from the initial quote and they finished the whole job in 15 days."
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