Design Aspects of a Modular Kitchen in India

Design Aspects of a Modular Kitchen in India
Disclaimer: This content regarding the modular kitchen design is meant for typical Indian Kitchens, and may not be applicable for high end kitchens.
If you have bought an house in India in a budget of 50L to 1C, it is safe to assume that the following about your kitchen.
  1. The granite slab is already laid and cannot be changed easily. This means your modular kitchen design cannot be completely modular.
  2. The position of the sink and hob has already been decided by the builder.
  3. The Vastu puts quite a few restrictions on the modular kitchen design. This means you cannot think about international kitchen design standards.
  4. There is a decent amount of civil issues (beam, pillar, slanting wall etc..) and restrictions which cannot be changed.
So, if you are looking at high def designs from the internet or referring some interior design magazines, time to draw the curtain.
Having said that - the following are the things which can improve the utility and aesthetics of a kitchen.
  1. Basket Units: Decide on the optimal number of baskets and pull outs. Kitchen baskets are better organized and hold more things than a simple cupboard (in the kitchen floor unit)
  2. Correct Positioning: Make sure that the baskets and pullouts are on the correct side wrt the hob. If you are a southpaw it would help to have the frequently accessed baskets to your left and vice versa.
  3. Free of Fridge: If you kitchen is less than 80sqft, it would help to move the fridge out of the kitchen and have a tall boy unit instead.
  4. Removable Shelves: Have a removable shelf in all the cabinets below the counter (floor units) instead of fixed ones. This will give provisions to store tall things such as rice containers and etc.
  5. False Partition below Sink: Have a false partition below the sink that would help store detergents and other washing related things.
  6. Open Shelves: The wall units can have some open shelves to make it look modern and to store the frequently used things.
  7. Glossy Finish: If you are not particular about budget, try the MR Tuff Gloss finish to make the cleaning easier and look better. 
  8. No Alternate Colors: Alternate colors have become a thing of the past. It should be done with extreme care, of safely go with a single color and one color for the floor units and the next color for the wall units.
  9. Frosted Glass doors: Have a few frosted glass door for a few wall units to get a trendy look.
  10. Longer Handles: Go for longer handles or profile handles for a richer look. Choose curved handles for postformed finish and square handles for regular finish.
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