Guide to choose colors and themes for your home interiors and modular kitchen

Guide to choose colors and themes for your home interiors and modular kitchen

A lot of first time home buyers, while doing home interiors, spend a lot of time in choosing the colors. But, they are not confident with the chosen colors and they will have some surprise (mostly not good) when the work is completed.

For people shelling out extra money on designers, rendering can help visualize. But, if your budget is less than 5-6L, you may not spend on a designer. The less-than-average renders from the interior companies will not be accurate in terms of light, space, and size, etc.

In any case, this guide should help someone with pointers to choose the colors and themes for the house.

Tip #1: Match exactly or go for contrast.
Ideally, there should be a single wood color in a room including the sofas, doors and modular cabinets. Most of the apartments do not have a lot of choices with the door colors, so when you buy a sofa or choosing colors for the modular cabinets such as tv units and wardrobe, try to have the closest match to the doors in terms of color and pattern of the door.

This may not be possible at times, so the easiest way is to go with contrast colors for cabinets and fabric sofas in neutral colors. If the door is brown with bold grooves/patterns, go for cream or off-white cabinets with beige or grey color sofas. Of course, you can use some wood patterns in the cabinets that may not match with the door.

You do not want to be in a place where you have a walnut colored door with Sheesham wood sofa and teak modular cabinets. If the doors are white, you can go with any color you like.

Tip #2: Stick to the 3-color theme

The 3-color theme works for most of the houses.

  • Have a base wood color. This can be dark or light and can have any patterns that you like. This is the only wood color that will be used wherever wood is required.
  • The second is to pick a neutral color that goes along very well with the wood. This will be mostly one of black, off-white, cream, grey or some specific pastels. The proportion of wood vs the neutral color depends on your personal choice. If you want to simplify further go for 70-30. 70% wood and 30% neutral or vice versa in any of the rooms.
  • The third color can a bright color which you can use in the kitchen to make it stand out. Most kitchens have a bright color with the above mentioned neutral color.
  • Kids rooms are exceptions and can have any color or themes that you like.

Tip #3: Have a touch of black
Sometimes, you feel that you have done everything but something is missing or quite not in place. This is where the black/dark grey comes in. It can be a simple background, or a table top or some patterns on the wood. Try this sensibly.

Tip #4: Go for light colored counter-tops and matching backsplashes
A lot of people use black counter tops in the kitchen for easy maintenance. One of the disadvantages of this idea is that it is very difficult to choose colors that go well with black countertops. It the black has some random patterns, it makes it even worse. So, try to have something lighter than black, even a grey would do. This will completely change the look of your kitchen and provides you with a lot of color choices.

Another blunder a lot of builders make is to lay completely unmatching backsplash tiles with the countertop. In those cases, it is worth to remove and relay them with something that is matching with the countertop.

Tip #5: Glossy and light colors for small rooms
Another thing except for the color is the finish: matte/glossy. Glossy surfaces reflect light better than Matte. Light colors reflect light while dark colors absorb light.

If your room is small and you want it to make it a little bigger, go for light glossy finishes.

Tip #6: Wooden Ledges
If there are shelves or ledges (thick shelves), go for wooden finishes. Naturally, this should match with the wood that we mentioned in Tip #2.



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