Hinges for your Kitchen and Other Cabinets (Soft-Close vs Standard-Close)

Hinges for your Kitchen and Other Cabinets (Soft-Close vs Standard-Close)

While looking for kitchen and other cabinets, one of the most common things that the homeowners should know is the types of hinges that are available and the impact that they would have on the price and the lifetime of the cabinets.


The following are the most common types of hinges -

1. Self-closing or Normal-closing hinges

Self-close or normal-close hinges are a type of hinges that have a spring-based system which pulls the cabinet door when you close a cabinet door. The auto-pull action will trigger after the door is closed to some extent (around 45 degrees).

  • Pros:
    Reliable and budget-friendly
  • Cons:
    Closes with a tap/or a slam (Check out the video below)

2. Slow-closing or Soft-closing hinges.

Soft-close is durable and provides a smooth, silent closing motion. The primary benefit is the long-term health of your cabinets. Every time the door is slammed the hinges take off the impact and avoids slamming of the door. When you have kids accessing the cabinets, it is better to go with soft-closing as it acts as a safety feature and protects the fingers.

  • Pros:
    - Door closes elegantly
    - Added safety feature to help protect the fingers of your children and little ones.
    - Better cabinet life as it avoids slamming.
  • Cons:
    - Price is slightly higher. The difference will be significant in high-end brands such as Hettich and Blum


Commonly used Brands

Zenterior uses the following brands according to the budget and the client requirement.

  • Ebco - Durable and budget-friendly, both soft-close and self-close.
  • Hafele - German brand. Little more sophisticated than Ebco. Self-close hinges are comparable to Ebco and the soft-close hinges are costlier.
  • Hettich - Another German Brand. More sophisticated and high-end prices.
  • Blum - Most sophisticated and costliest of all. We use them only in selected high-end projects.

Price Range


Self Close: ~ Rs. 60/set

Soft Close: ~ Rs. 120/set



Self Close: ~ Rs. 65/set

Soft Close: ~ Rs. 270/set



Self Close: ~ Rs. 70/set

Soft Close: ~ Rs. 400/set



Soft Close: ~ Rs. 450/set


Note: There may be multiple models available in each of the brands and the listed ones are what we commonly use in our projects. Get in touch with vendors or showrooms


Professional Tip:

  1. For a 2-bedroom apartment, the difference between Ebco and Hafele for Self-close will be only around 2K rs.
  2. For a 2-bedroom apartment, the difference between Ebco and Hafele for Soft-close will be only around 7-8K rs. Vendors tend to charge a lot for this difference. Make sure you get the proper justification.
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