How does Zenterior complete a Modular Kitchen in one day?

How does Zenterior complete a Modular Kitchen in one day?
As you may now, Zenterior now completes an average size modular Kitchen (around 80 sqft) in one day. 
During the last months of 2016, we took around 8-10 days to finish the same sized kitchen. Our backend system and our partner factories/carpenters have gone through so much of improvements over the past few months that resulted in this new milestone. It was an uphill task and we detail a few things below that would help fellow contractors and customers.

1. Fully automated measurements/cutting list

To make a unit (wardrobe or loft), we have to come up with a list of planks/plywood which when assembled would form the unit. This list will have the precise measurements for all the planks, typically in mm. The margin of error should be very low, typically 1mm for the unit to get settled in the given place/niche. This measurement list is generally made by a carpentry technician manually which will result in some manual errors. This would force some cutting/replacement at the site that would cause delays. At times, with postforming, the shutters have to be sent back to the factory to get it replaced.
We took the time to built the system that automates this entire process with minimal human intervention, reducing all the human errors. In the past few projects, we just assemble everything at a single go and the house will look good as new. No dust or wastage at the house.

2. No cutting at the site

As mentioned in the previous section, one of the reasons for the delay is to cut the planks or plywood at the site. The machines/equipment with the carpenters are not as sophisticated as the ones in the factory, and so cutting the site would result in error/delays. Now with the automated cutting list, all the materials, including the loft frames and dummies are cut at the factory and they will just fit like a glove in the space.

3. Manufacture Shutter and Carcass in a single go

A typical interior or carpentry team will do the work in two phases. The carcass will be procured, manufactured and assembled first. After this, the measurements for the shutter will be taken and the same process will ensue. This is generally done because the carpenters are not confident to give the shutter measurements in the start itself.
Zenterior does everything in a single shot and that reduces so much of time.

4. Computer generated assembly diagrams

The carpenters are given computer generated assembly diagrams, the complete design of the kitchen and plans so that they do not need to think or improvise anything at the site. Improvising would lead to a few errors which would eventually translate into the delay and a little increase in price.
In addition to finishing the kitchen in 1 day, Zenterior has finished a complete 3bhk in 3 days. We are trying to optimize and parallelize the assembly team to finish in 2 days.
Imagine - This morning your house is empty, and when you are back from office tomorrow the house is fully furnished. Magical. wouldn't you say?
"Quality of their interior works is very good and the portal used for design was very useful to finalize the design. Also all the modifications which I told were done correctly. Thanks."
Ramkumar baskaran Ramkumar Baskaran

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