How much do my modular kitchen cost?

How much do my modular kitchen cost?

Before reading: If you are planning for any high end kitchen, the following may not be applicable for you. This is for someone whose total home interior budget is from 3L to 8L.

In one of our previous articles, we have covered how much the cabinets would cost in general for a house. But, a lot of our client inquiries are particular about the price of the kitchen. This article should help anyone who is starting with their kitchen planning wrt to the budget.

Though we strictly work on cabinet based pricing, I am going to use sqft pricing for quick calculation and convenience.

Let's break down the parts that affect the price -

  1. Cabinets
  2. Hardware
  3. Shutter Finish
  4. Counter-top, Civil, Plumbing, Electrical, etc.


These are the boxes that will go into your kitchen. If a cabinet is made using the following configuration, the price of the cabinet will be around 1250 rs/sqft.

  • Plywood of Rs. 60/sqft
  • Matte finished laminated shutters
  • Ebco Normal-close hinges
  • Handles or Rs. 150/piece
  • Through-feeding edgebanding

You can calculate the entire width and height of the units and multiply it by 1250rs. For instance, if you have floor cabinets of length 13ft, and wall cabinets of length 10 ft (roughly matches a 7ft x 8ft kitchen) -

Unit Height Width SQFT
Floor Unit 2.5ft (standard) 13ft 32.5sqft
Wall Unit 2ft (standard) 10ft 20sqft
Total     52.5sqft

Price of the cabinets: 52.5 sqft x 1250 rs = 65,000 (approximately)


Hardware include -

  • Drawer Fittings (Tandem Boxes or SS Baskets)
  • Corner Units
  • Lift Up Systems
  • Pantry Unit
  • Roller Shutter
  • Wicker Baskets


The following is a ballpark of the hardware price.

Hardware Rough Price Recommended No Comment
Drawer Fittings 4,000 5 The kitchen considered can have anywhere from 3 to 8 drawers. Let's assume 5 nos for now.
Corner Unit 12,000 1 Assuming 1 corner, let's have one corner unit
Lift Up Systems 6,000 1 Assuming there will be one cabinet that will have the lift up system one cabinet
Pantry Unit 12,000 0 No Pantry unit considered
Roller Shutter 8,000 1 One Roller shutter for this kitchen
Wicker Baskets 4,000 2 The kitchen can have 2 wicker baskets
Total 54,000    

Note A lot of people very only very few hardware because of the budget constraint. It is completely at your discretion to finalize the list.

Shutter Finish 

The price in the cabinet considered matte laminated shutters. There are different types of shutters available. You can go for either one of the finishes or a mix of one or more. Following gives you an idea of how much each of the finish will contribute to the price. The total sqft of the kitchen is 52.5 sqft (from the above section)

Shutter Finish Increase in Price per sqft The total increase in price for 52.5 sqft
Glossy Laminates 100 5200
Acrylic 200 10,500
Lacquered Glass 400 21,000
PU Painted 450 23,625

Counter-Top, Backsplash, Sink, Plumbing & Electrical

If the builder has already laid the counter-top, then there should not be any additional cost. If not, there will be some misc cost which can vary from 10,000 to 25,000. Most of the price will be contributed by the counter-top, so you can get in touch with any granite shop to understand the price.

This should give a fair idea of the different components that contribute to the price of the modular kitchen. 

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