Itemized Material and Labor Billing for your Home Interiors

Itemized Material and Labor Billing for your Home Interiors

The most common way of quoting for modular kitchen, wardrobes and other cabinets in the market is in sqft price. The sqft price varies from 950 rs to 1800 rs depending on the materials, workmanship, finish, etc.

Issues with SQFT pricing

  1. Zenterior does not engage in sqft mode because -
    We do not believe in lumpsum prices as it lacks transparency.
  2. A lot of vendors in the market quote a low sqft price but round up all the sqft values. For example, if the height of the cabinet is 2.75 ft, it is rounded up to 3ft which will increase the total sqft considerably. We could not give a competitive price in these cases as we do not do any rounding up.
  3. Sqft pricing is too fragile. To give an example, if the actual cost of making a 7'x3' wardrobe is 1000rs, with the same materials the cost of making a 2.75' x 3' kitchen box is around 1250rs. The sqft cost of making something varies heavily with the size. This means that in a project, where there is a lot of wardrobes the vendors gain and in projects with a lot of kitchen cabinets the vendor loses. This kind of flux is not good for customers and for business.

Zenterior Estimate or Quotation

The following a rough flow of how things happen at Zenterior.

  1. We take the measurement of the site, and digitally replicate the space in our software, Boxs.
  2. We meet with the client and discuss the scope. Design happens in parallel with the discussion. Different units and designs can be tried quickly along with colors and finishes.
  3. At the end of the design discussion, a detailed quote is provided with an itemized list for materials and labor. A sample quote will look like below.
  4. With this estimate as a base, the clients can change the materials and spec to arrive at the new prices. This happens immediately as and when the design or the materials change.
  5. Once the client is comfortable with the scope and price, the project is frozen and taken forward for execution.
  6. For the execution, the client can procure the materials themselves or we can procure them on behalf of the client.

Why we quote material and labor separately?

People who do modular cabinets are very comfortable while working directly working with a carpenter in terms of material quality and price. But they do not opt for a carpenter because of the following reasons

  1. Hand made finish may not be good at times. Completely at the mercy of the carpenter expertise.
  2. Typical labor issues.
  3. Long timelines.
  4. Difficulty in procuring and managing the materials by the client.

Zenterior is trying to give the complete control over the price and material quality (as you work with a carpenter), but with so much of planning and precision. We are like the most sophisticated carpenter that can deliver you factory finished cabinets with the choice of you procure the materials for us.

"Professional work, Affordable & competitive pricing, Promised delivery, Factory made, Great after sale support. Dedicated team who will monitor the work from measurement to installation."
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