N103 to 403(2BHK)
Floor Plan
N103 to 403(2BHK) - Design 1 N103 to 403(2BHK) - Design 2 N103 to 403(2BHK) - Design 3 N103 to 403(2BHK) - Design 4 N103 to 403(2BHK) - Design 5 N103 to 403(2BHK) - Design 6

Casagrand Irene, Manapakkam, N103 to 403(2BHK)

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"Quality of their interior works is very good and the portal used for design was very useful to finalize the design. Also all the modifications which I told were done correctly. Thanks."
Ramkumar baskaran Ramkumar Baskaran

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Material Quantity Rate Sub-Total
Zenterior Standard MR 6mm - 8x4
11 nos. ₹1,264 ₹13,902
Zenterior Standard MR 15mm - 8x4
38 nos. ₹2,107 ₹80,084
Merino Champagne 21187 SF 1mm
2 nos. ₹1,545 ₹3,089
Merino White Acacia 10526 SF 1mm
2 nos. ₹1,545 ₹3,089
Merino Frosty White 21091 HGL 1mm
1 nos. ₹1,986 ₹1,986
Merino Frosty White 21091 SF 1mm
5 nos. ₹1,545 ₹7,723
Merino Portland Maple 10077 SF 1mm