D102 to D402(3BHK)
Floor Plan
D102 to D402(3BHK) - Design 1 D102 to D402(3BHK) - Design 2 D102 to D402(3BHK) - Design 3 D102 to D402(3BHK) - Design 4 D102 to D402(3BHK) - Design 5 D102 to D402(3BHK) - Design 6 D102 to D402(3BHK) - Design 7 D102 to D402(3BHK) - Design 8

Casagrand Irene, Manapakkam, D102 to D402(3BHK)

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Material Quantity Rate Sub-Total
Zenterior Standard MR 15mm - 8x4
42 nos. ₹2,107 ₹88,514
Zenterior Standard MR 6mm - 8x4
10 nos. ₹1,264 ₹12,638
Merino Arizona Walnut 10184 SF 1mm
3 nos. ₹1,545 ₹4,634
Merino Irish Cream 21027 SF 1mm
1 nos. ₹1,545 ₹1,545
Merino American Walnut 14538 SF 1mm
3 nos. ₹1,610 ₹4,829
Merino Oyster 21007 SF 1mm
2 nos. ₹1,545 ₹3,089
Merino Sky Blue 21092 SF 1mm