SIngle Tone Wooden Wardrobe with Dresser
SIngle Tone Wooden Wardrobe with Dresser - Design 1

SIngle Tone Wooden Wardrobe with Dresser

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A single color wardrobe in dark tone with a dresser/mirror. Drawers are given in the dresser units which can be skipped to have a full sized mirror. The dresser unit is of the same depth as the other cabinet to increase the storage. This can be reduced if one is particular about the dresser look where the dresser part is of less depth than the other cabinets. One other option to have a modern look without spending much is to use a panel instead of box behind the mirror. The look can be achieved my having a glossy or matte finished shutters. Alternatively, other drak tones can be used such as brown, grey etc. If the room has to look bigger or if the room does not have enough light, then glossy shutter are recommended. If the room is too small then it is preferred to have light color glossy shutters. In any case the light has to be adjusted so that the room has a balanced look with the color them that is being used.
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Material Quantity Rate Sub-Total
Zenterior Standard MR 6mm - 8x4
4 nos. ₹1,264 ₹5,055
Zenterior Standard MR 15mm - 8x4
12 nos. ₹2,107 ₹25,290
Merino Nogal Walnut 14533 SF 1mm
1 nos. ₹1,610 ₹1,610
Merino Shangrila Midnight Blue 21055 SF 1mm
4 nos. ₹1,545 ₹6,178
Airolam 104 SF
23 nos. ₹445 ₹10,232
Brazilian Walnut 14539 SF 0.6mm
4 nos. ₹1,339 ₹5,357