8 Door Wardrobe Design with mirror and external drawers |Trellis Elegant and Corn Yellow Elegant
8 Door Wardrobe Design with mirror and external drawers |Trellis Elegant and Corn Yellow Elegant - Design 1 8 Door Wardrobe Design with mirror and external drawers |Trellis Elegant and Corn Yellow Elegant - Design 2

8 Door Wardrobe Design with mirror and external drawers |Trellis Elegant and Corn Yellow Elegant

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This 8-door wardrobe would be a perfect fit for a children bedroom that is big enough to have a wall of more than 12feet. The high gloss finish brightens the room with the correct light choices. The patterns in the colors make sure that the black and beige are not dull and hence making the room more vibrant. The half mirror on one of the doors may serve as a dresser unit if properly used. The half drawers to the left and right end of the wardrobes provide a lot more utility than the normal designs with plain doors. Similarly, the full drawers in the middle units give a lot in terms of usability, and also make the look better. The half doors in the two middle wardrobes are meant to provide a better accessibility to the children. Interior: This is a half-mirrored layout where the left most and right most two door wardrobes are similar in look. They do not have the provision for cloth hanger, and have a lot of half removable shelves. The middle wardrobes have the cloth hangers and have a bunch of full shelves to store heavy things.


Ply Brand Kitply
Ply Thickness Carcass 15mm
Ply Thickness Shutter 15mm
Laminate Brand Shutter Merino
Laminate Thickness Carcass 0.6mm
Laminate Thickness Door 0.8mm
Hinges Brand Hettich
Hinges Soft Closing Yes
Edge Banding Thickness Carcass 1mm
Edge Banding Thickness Shutter 0.6mm
Postforming Yes
Finish Matte/sf

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